For the past few years it has become obvious that natural, ecologically clear mineral, plant or animal components allow to effectively treat many different diseases as well as to restore or to keep physical and mental health. For a long time It has been known that sea is a great healer for body and soul. Maritime salt is one of the most vital medicinal factors.

The Saline-Iodic Galos Caves are the invention of group of doctors working under the guidance of medical science candidate prof. Władimir Strojewski. The caves are created completely form the maritime salt form the Black Sea, from the Crimea, from Saxon Lakes, where water for 5-6 years evaporates under the impact of the sun. From 12 to 20 tons of maritime salt is used for the creation of a Galos Cave. Walls and floor are tiled with salt bricks while salt is showered under the pressure into the form of stalactites. The technology of creating Galos Caves brings about rise of “thermos” with its own microclimate. Natural ventilation of porous walls as well as air conditioning cause coming off micromolecules of salt and microelements into the inside of the cave, where we can breath them in.

Microclimate and thermal comfort conditions in room during session fit into norm limits for physiotherapy procedures room: optimal for session participants in Galos Caves. Air temperature: 21-23 C., relative air humidity: 35%-43% (under the thermal comfort – 50%), air movement: 0.01 – 0.03 m/sec. Dry aerosol has size: 0.5-5 mm, salt fog: 5-22 mm. This small size of aerosol provides possibility for it to get to the final parts of bronchial tubes and can penetrate the alveoluses. Our lungs have the area of 100m2, we breath about 17 times per minute, taking in about 0.5m3 of air each time.

The construction of Galos Caves allows to maintain during the session (inhalation) time desirable level of exchanging ions in human body. Antiseptic characteristic of aeroions reduce the bacterial seeding of air, what precludes contamination caused by bacteria and dust. Number of bacteria in 1m3 of air is less than 1000 microorganisms for 1m3. The content of sodium and potassium chlorides aeroions reaches to, at least, 0.03 mg/m3 in Galos Caves.

In the process of ionization neutrally infected, defined molecules may lose electron from outer orbit as well as to attach electron, adopting a negative charge with it. It is considered that light negative ions have a high effectiveness of treatment compared to positive ions. In 1m3 of ionized air the number of light ions reaches 1000 while in the city air it is 15-200 with a huge rise of heavy ions (up to a few dozens thousands). It was stated that maritime salt ions have activating influence on breathing enzymes, particularly on cytochromeoksytase, what improves the effectiveness of breathing, increases reserve possibilities of lung system, optimize action activity of mucous membrane, respiratory system, have a noticeable bronchitis effect.

Deciding on taking part in sessions in Galos Caves it should be taken into consideration that human body reactions to a high extent depend on initial activity state of human, his individual “reagency”, characteristic of pathological process and connected with it changes as well as vegetational activities, acidic-basic balance state, energetic level and others.

Undisputed fact, confirmed with numerous researches, is complete lack of side effects in case of long-lasting stay in aeroioncilmate saturated with chlorides of sodium, lime, magnesium and other micromolecule ions. Clear, ionized air, makes it available to improve health condition and aids the treatment of: respiratory system: nose, throat, larynx, sinuses, asthma, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, hypofunction of thyroid gland, cardiac-vascular affection, cardiac failure, after infarct condition, hypertension, dermatological affections: peeling, dermatitis, allergy, vegetative nervous system, neurosis, exhaustion states, decrease of stress immunity, obesity. Stay in Galos Caves is also advisable for pregnant women since it allows to replenish higher demand for iodine. ATTENTION – doctor’s examination is needed in case of: hypofunction of thyroid gland, low pressure, tumour diseases, allergy to iodine, claustrophobia.

Not only assure Galos Caves comfortable conditions to aid treatments of particular diseases but also psychological unloading of nervous system – it improves the state of human body and mind. The technology of using the maritime salt in Galos Caves complies with standards of established in climate-physio therapy parameters of medical affection and ecological comfort.

The Saline-Iodic Galos Caves invite for 45 minutes sessions with application of musictherapy, colourtherapy and reflextherapy. For adults we have comfortable deckchairs, for children we have salt sandboxes with toys; as for music: sounds of sea, soothing birds sounds, murmurs of brooks, mountain streams, four seasons. We enter the Galos Caves in socks or shoes protectors that can be bought in the reception office in Galos Caves. Comfortable, loose clothes will improve relaxation, also we advise not to eat any stodgy dishes earlier. To obtain medical effects few sessions should be obtained, best would be 10 sessions, what would be equal to one moth spent by the seaside. To combat the every day stress we need not only to rest by the seaside or in mountains but also in the place where we live.


Composition and medical characteristics of salt

Salt for many years has been considered as a token of friendship, eternity, wisdom and health.  Sodium chloride fulfills a vital role in metabolism process in human body, which content in maritime salt reaches 80%. Sodium contributes to increase in liquid volume the intercellular space while potassium determines content of water inside the cell. Many doctors state that good health condition can be provided with the right balance between sodium and potassium in human body.
The remaining 20% consists of lime, magnesium, bromine, iodine, fluorine and other chemical elements. They are all well absorbed by skin, showing beneficial effects on the human body as a whole.

Sodium – keeps the acidic-alkaline balance, osmotic pressure and energy of cell

Potassium - keeps the acidic-alkaline balance, osmotic pressure and energy of cell, stabilizes heart work , works anti-edematically and urinally, improves conditions of neuromuscle apparatus and movement co-ordination.

Lime – improves the human body defenses, resistance on septic diseases, standardizes vegetative nervous system, has anti-allergic effects, improves skeleton and teeth

Magnesium – causes acceleration of transferring nervous impulses to muscles, works relaxingly on nonstriated muscles, has tranquilizing and soporific effects, improves wounds treatment. Lowers heart pressure. Works anti-convulsionally.

Copper – improves creating blood function, causes increase of hemoglobin, decrease of sugar level, speeds up knitting of bones when broken, has anaesthetic effects.

Bromine – has soporific effects, lowers heart pressure, works anti-convulsionally

Iodine – has anti-sclerosis effects, standardizes processes of fat conversion. Improves conversion processes in human body, protects against radiation impacts.

Fluorine – reinforces skeleton and teeth, stimulates resistance, protects against radiation impacts

Treatment with maritime salt and prophylaxis of different diseases take place through general baths ( 1 kg. per bath) and local baths (100 grams on 3-5 liters of water).

Salt baths are applied against:

  • functional troubles of nervous system
  • hypertension of 1 and 2 stage, ischemia
  • atherosclerosis with heavy pain attacks
  • rheumatism and different arthritis states, chronic diseases of movement apparatus
  • diseases of peripheral nervous system
  • diseases of upper respiratory system
  • gynecological pathologies
  • skin diseases

Moreover, warm compresses can be done from maritime salt. In order to heat up, salt is placed in 0.5 l. dry, hermetically closed, glass jar; next it is heated up in a warm water bath for 25-30 minutes. Heated salt is put in linen bags and placed on treated part of the body. It can be fixed with band or bandage. To keep the heat up and to have better effects of treatment characteristics of salt , it should be covered with woolen piece of material or terry towel. Such a heaters are advisable in case of: osteochondrosis, inflammation of nervous radicles, surface edemas, articulation diseases (arthritis, multistate inflammations), decrease in liver functions.
Salt as a medical treatment is advised also by local healers inter alia allergic rhinitis, asthma, difficult wounds, as a treatment reinforcing hair and enamel.
Maritime salt is also used to accelerate taking out of radionuclides from human body.

Salt GALOS ® 1000 G Salt GALOS ® 300 G
Peeling GALOS ® 500 G Peeling GALOS ® 300 G
Saltbrick GALOS ® 1300 G Candelstick

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